Sagar Rathna Sabapathy

Engineering Manager/Director @ diconium

📚Avid reader

✈️ Globetrotter

🌮 Foodie

🌱 Minimalist

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About me

Aloha 👋, I'm Sagar, a software engineering manager/director based in Germany.

I have a strong passion for fostering talent and enabling individuals and teams to reach their full potential.

The two mantras I live by are:

  • There's nothing that cannot be learned.
  • Keep it simple, stay agile, and focus on creating value.

By engaging myself in activities such as reading, traveling, and networking, I continuously strive to acquire fresh perspectives and insights that broaden my comprehension of the world.

My interests include an eclectic mix of disciplines such as:

Anthropology - Business Theory - Behavioural Economics - Macroeconomics - Cognitive & Social Psychology - Leadership & Management - Evolutionary Biology - Marketing - Society & Culture - History - Geopolitics - Anatomy - Mathematics - Statistics - Science


📖 Reading:

🛫 Travelling:

  • Just returned from a vacation in Abu Dhabi 🇦🇪
  • Count of countries visited: 28